How To Renew Your Sex Life & Safely Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

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How To Renew Your Sex Life & Safely Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

For most couples, physical intimacy is an important part of a happy and healthy relationship. That’s why when erectile dysfunction (ED) enters the equation, it can cause embarrassment, anxiety, and even make your partner wonder whether or not you’re still attracted to them. 

In other words, both partners have to cope with ED and the lowered self-esteem that accompanies it.

But erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to mean your sex life is over. There are a number of ways to renew your sex life, safely treat ED, and strengthen your relationship so it’s better than ever.

In spite of this, a number of studies focus only on coping mechanisms, but there is even more encouraging news –– your erectile function can be safely restored without pills, surgery, or risk to finally restore your sexual spontaneity.

Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

If you’re struggling to obtain or maintain a quality erection during sexual activity, then you might have erectile dysfunction [1].

Having ED symptoms could indicate a serious underlying issue such as cardiovascular disease, so getting clarity is an important first step in order to treat the cause [2].

Visit a medical professional in order to determine your diagnosis. Testing for underlying conditions may include a physical exam, blood tests, urine tests, or a psychological exam. Self-tests are not recommended because they are considered inaccurate, and would not determine underlying conditions. 

In order to safely treat your ED and any underlying issues, the first step is getting an accurate diagnosis.

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The Role of Your Partner

Once you know you have ED, it’s important to have the conversation with your partner so that they have clarity too, and can support you in determining treatment.

With this in mind, including your partner in this process, from assessment to diagnosis and choice of treatment, is a highly-engaged approach that may assist in rehabilitation and the overall journey to an improved sex life [3].

Most negative responses to an ED diagnosis come from a lack of adequate knowledge around male sexual disorders, so including them in the conversation early on could improve the overall outcome in order to alleviate psychologically-induced ED symptoms [3].

In fact, surveys suggest that whether or not a man accepts or rejects treatment protocols can be completely swayed by their sexual partners [3]

Coping with Erectile Dysfunction as a Couple

Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition, with up to 30 million men in the US affected (and up to 150 million worldwide!). Yet, the fact that it’s common doesn’t make coping with it any easier.

ED can leave both partners feeling ‘less than’ in the bedroom, and the cycle of dissatisfaction continues without communication. In fact, performance anxiety and other psychological reasons explain the cause for 80% of erectile dysfunction cases in men younger than 40 [4].

No matter your age, communication is crucial in navigating erectile dysfunction as a couple. The alternative leaves your partner with unanswered questions and fears surrounding the state of your relationship.

Remaining positive and being empathetic, on both sides, can ensure that trust is maintained to create a safe space to relax and restore your sex life.

In light of this, many sexual clinics treat the couple together, since “sexual-partner-engaged” intervention can achieve an optimal outcome [3].

While treatment is in progress, there are many ways to reinvigorate intimacy in the bedroom that can enable a couple to cope with an ED diagnosis.

The inability to maintain a firm erection doesn’t necessarily equate to the inability to orgasm. So, getting creative and playful could give both partners a great deal of sexual pleasure.

Creating a sense of excitement and adventure can reignite the flame in your relationship. Incorporating manual and oral stimulation, sex toys, or even changing locations can foster the fun you’ve been missing!

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Safely Treat ED

When it comes to safely treating your ED and getting back your sex life, more downtime due to complications is the last thing you need. That’s why it’s important to consider treatment options that are pill-free, needle-free, pain-free, and risk-free.

And yes, there is a treatment option that ticks all of those boxes!

Acoustic Compression Wave therapy (ACWT), also known as shockwave therapy, is a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction that uses pulse waves to increase penile blood flow and improve sexual performance.

Due to the adverse effects of other treatment methods, acoustic wave therapy has become a leading therapeutic option, considered painless and effective with encouraging results. It uniquely treats the cause of erectile dysfunction, not just the symptoms, in order to restore normal erectile function and spontaneous erections [6].

Where Can I Get Acoustic Wave Therapy Treatment?

At Modern Acoustic Medical, our certified doctors and medical technicians safely treat ED by directing acoustic waves with a wand-like device along the penis shaft to re-open veins and re-establish proper blood flow, so that you can experience a firm erection once again.

With an 85% success rate in clinical studies, Acoustic Wave Therapy is painless and you can expect your treatment to take about 20 minutes with lasting results. Men who were once forced to rely on medication, expensive injections or implants, can once again naturally and spontaneously respond to arousal.

Since your satisfaction is our priority, our acoustic wave therapy doctors welcome all questions and concerns.

Why Modern Acoustic Medical?

At Modern Acoustic Medical, our State Certified Doctors and Medical Technicians specialize in the most innovative medical treatments for sexual wellness using regenerative methods.

In order to ensure you get the utmost care, we use advanced German-crafted equipment and training to calibrate and administer treatments that target the source of your ED with precision.

Our open and inviting clinics are designed to be a safe place to talk openly about sexual wellness and treatment options, yet we work discreetly, offering Concierge service and NDAs.

When you’re ready to renew your sex life and overcome ED, book an appointment at Modern Acoustic Medical.


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